Beware of Wolves

With the weight of the world bearing down on their shoulders, two inner city youths, commissioned by the government, wage war against a faction of sadistic sexual predators native to Bangkok. As they embark on a tumultuous journey of redemption and self-righteous vengeance, Chuck and Dougie D. utilize ancient weaponized genetic solar energy blasts to subdue their enemies, while simultaneously searching for the rare, highly elusive Nigerian Albino Chupacabra. Knowing that every minute is a deadly game of cat and mouse, stay tuned to find out if Chuck and Dougie D. succeed. Or, will they be denied as they navigate through the treacherous terrain of Southeast Asia?
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Beware of Wolves

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Jul 31, 2017

Beware of Wolves

We back strong like Mutumbo

Broner loses against Mikey Garcia

Who talks better shit Broner or McGregor

@omggary817 has about 1 million pause moments

Jones jones knocks out Daniel Cormier to win the UFC light heavyweight title again


Feeeeces story reference


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Lady on moped in pain reference



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Jul 25, 2017

episode 30

chucky and dougie d








Jul 18, 2017

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Beware of Wolves 

we plan on getting better about these show notes

Thank you all

Jul 10, 2017

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Jul 3, 2017

episode 27 still running strong

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